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The main goal of OJSC Tatchempharmpreparaty is to manufacture and to market the highest quality products which satisfy the requirements and expectations of our customers. We provide services in licensed and contract manufacturing of any pharmaceutical products for our foreign customers. This includes development of formulation, manufacturing process and packaging. We provide full support in arranging contract research services, conducting both pre-clinical and clinical trials (in accordance with international standards), and, finally, registration of medicines in Russian Federation and CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States). We provide support in distribution of any pharmaceutical products in Russian Federation and CIS countries through our own or our collaborators' chains.

OJSC Tatchempharmpreparaty was established back in 1931 which makes us one the oldest and most experienced pharmaceutical manufacturers in Russian Federation. We are one of the largest manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and surgical suture materials in Russian Federation and the only producer of surgical gut (catgut).

At present OJSC "Tatchempharmpreparaty" has two state-of-the-art production plants: one for chemical and pharmaceutical substances and the other for surgical suture materials. We produce more than 100 items of medications in form of tablets, tinctures, ointments, syrups, solutions and pastes of various types of pharmacotherapeutic groups (analgesics, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infectious diseases, ophthalmology, etc.). Our company is the leading producer of ophthalmic ointments in Russian Federation.

In the company we rely on the results of up to date research and development in pharmaceutical sciences. Strict regulations are applied to control the quality of all the products. Our manufacturing facilities are built according to international GMP standards. The quality of our products is acknowledged by a number of national and international awards.

OJSC "Tatchempharmpreparaty" has a long-standing track record in innovation and drug development. Over a period of 80 years we have launched the production of more than 50 drugs and remedies. Most of them were developed by us in collaboration with research institutions and universities of Soviet Union and Russian Federation.



Solid reputation Manufacturing capacity

Drugs of 30 pharmacological groups

Supplies to Russia and CIS countries


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05.11.2013 London

Russian Trade Delegation in the UK and "Tatchempharmpreparaty" take collaboration to the new level by agreeing to join forces on strengthening business links between UK and Russia in the pharmaceutical sector. 

01.10.2013 London

"Tatchempharmpreparaty" is now represented in Russo-British Chamber of Commerce patronated by HRH Prince Michael of Kent.


09.09.2013 Kazan

"Tatchempharmpreparaty" is proud to announce the opening of innovation research centre together with Kazan Federal University. Total amount investment is estimated at 50 million USD.