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The history of JSC "Tatchempharmpreparaty" originates from a small company founded in the end of 19th century by Ferdinand Grahe. 

Surgical suture (catgut) factory was built in Kazan.

Chemical-pharmaceutical plant was established.


Special chemical workshop was built to produce essential medicines based on urotropine, crystalline calcium chloride, barium sulphate, sodium citrate, etc. The product range was expanded and new technological processes were introduced.


Improvement of tabletting machines lead to increase in production capacity by at least 30%. Barium sulphate and chloroform production lines were set up. Introduction of bandage rolling machines allowed doubling the amount of manufactured bandages.


First battle front brigades were assembled by the workers of the factory. Special experimental laboratory was established. The production of ligatures, bandages, ointments, and desinfectants was increased to meet the demands of the Red Army.


A new technology was developed for production of new medicines Adonylene, Adonizide and herb-based cardiovascular remedies.


A large group of workers was honoured with the medal "For valorous labour during World War II".


The first batch of Synestrol obtained. New technology introduced for production of liquid remedies from medicinal herbs such as thermopsis and others. New method implemented for preparation of exracts of spring adonis.


The first production line installed in the workshop of prepared medications.

The postwar restructuring of the production facilities was conducted. The factory began to specialize in production of prepared medications, packed and ready for prescription.

In order to increase the overall production volume and quality of the outputs the factory had to abandon the manufacturing of bandages, dental cement and some other products. 


Reconstruction of workshops and factory sectors carried out. A number of technological processes upgraded.


New workshop established for manufacturing of products to meet demands of miners and chemists. New tehcnology was developed to produce Burov's fluid.


A group of workers was awarded with the medals and orders of the Soviet Union for long-standing and distinguished performance. Production for export began.


32 workers were awarded with medals and order of the Soviet Union.


Production of 12 new medicines started.


Substantial reconstruction of the factory began. First batch (50.000 vials) of new anti-glaucomatous medication Phosarbine (Pyrophos). Production of new antibiotics and chemical-therapeutic agents started.

New research laboratories and construction bureau launched. Introduction of new equipment and advanced technology conducted for mechanization of labour-intensive tasks. 100.000 packs of new preparation of eye drops Armine produced.


Production of Pas-Sodium, Phosphakol eye drops and extract of birch fungi.


The first batch of Allokhol produced. Introduction of continuous process of plant extracts evaporation. Vacuum-evaporating apparatus of continuous action mounted.


Construction of the new plant started.


Quality committee established. Shipment of the products for export tripled.


Relocation of the factory to a new site. Manufacturing of 12 new medicines launched. 


Biological laboratory established.


Introduction of manufacturing facilities with productive capacity of 223 million packages of prepared medications per year.


Production of 9 new medicines commenced - Euphilline, Etoxide and others.


Shipping of the products to Britain, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq and all Socialistic countries.


The factory was honoured with the title "Factory of the highest production standards". 


Based on the chemical-pharmaceutical and surgical sutures plants the consolidated pharmaceutical factory "Tatchempharmpreparaty" was founded.


New plant for surgical suture materials launched.


New site for production of antibiotics and oculentum opened.


Launching of new manufacturing facility for tablet production in compliance with international GMP standards.

At present Joint Stock Company "Tatchempharmpreparaty" consolidates state-of-the-art chemical-pharmaceutical and surgical suture plants.

Our company possesses high technological capabilities and manufacturing capacities allowing production of more than 100 items of prepared medications in the form of tablets, ointments, solutions, pastes, tinctures. We produce medicines of 30 pharmacological groups including Analgesics, Antiseptics, Cardiovascular drugs, Neuroleptics, Ophtalmological and Anticancer treatments, Sedatives, Surgical Sutures and others.

JSC "Tatchempharmpreparaty" is the only producer of catgut suture in Russian Federation. We export our products to Belarus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan.